you, me and the other – YOU

Accion!MAD, Off Limits, Madrid, 2011

YOU, photo credit Essi Kausalainen

please click on images to enlarge. Photo credit: Essi Kausalainen


As part of my costume I had put soil in my stockings under my feet, and a zipped “pocket” on my belly with teacups and plates inside. Around my neck I wore a chain with a teacup with a mirror inside.

As the performance started, I had placed myself in an awkward upside down position against the wall. I began to switch on small mechanical bugs with broken teacups attached on their backs, and sent them out into the space. I got up with my back to the audience, and stretched my arms backwards as far as could reach, attempting to grab what was behind me. I picked up a bicycle pump, and opened and closed it above my head as I blew in a whistle. I swung the pump around in my hands as I walked around the space, close to the audience. I went up to audience members, smiled, and lured them up of their seat. I touched the inside of the palm of their friend or partner with my finger. I took the hand of the one who was standing and led him or her to the other side of the space. This continued until quite a large group had been moved. I went to the middle of the space, alternately facing the each group, as I stretched out my arms as far forward as I could reach, trying to grab what was in front of me. Then I closed my fists, and with an aggressive movement hit the plates and cups on my belly. I repeated stretching out and hitting my belly, again and again, as the audience got up and moved slowly closer to me. When they were really close, I stopped, and started jumping up and down. The chain around my neck broke, and the teacup crashed to the floor. I picked up my pump, and blew away soil that had come out of my stockings, clearing a little area on the floor. I stood there, laid down my pump, and took off my face protection. Slowly I started opening the zipper on my belly, until the “pocket” with cups and plates fell to the floor and crashed. With a gaping hole on my belly I thanked my audience and left.

Performance duration: 10 mins

Materials: costume, face protection, teacups and plates, mirror, whistle, soil, bicycle pump, mechanical toy bugs, audience

Curator: Nieves Correa

Supported by Office of Contemporary Art Norway