You, me and the other – THE OTHER

You, me and the other - THE OTHER

Performance for Beautiful Lies, University Library Garden, Warsaw

Curated by Eulalia Domanowska, organised by Ryzsard Lugovski at gallery xx1

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photo credit: Marcin Kowalik


Materials: mask, costume, face paint (on forehead), “duck -flute”, whistle, wooden sticks, elastics, large wooden ring, smaller metal rings, audience.

Duration: 2 hours

Supported by Bergen City Council


I walked around in the park for an hour and a half, interacting with the people who were there to relax, walk, play etc. Wearing my mask, I blew my (hidden) “duck-flute”, making funny sounds as conversation. I would lie down on the grass with people, sit next to them on the bench etc, also wander off on my own or eventually go to look at other performances as the programme started.

At some point I started blowing my whistle violently, running around to gather up people to participate in my work. I made them form a circle, holding up the large wooden ring by elastics attached. I lay down on the ground, pushing forward along the circle of audiences, my face rubbing the ground.

I surfaced in the middle of the circle, holding up my fist through the wooden ring.

I went towards an audience member, took my mask off, and in looking into their face, screamed at the top of my voice. I ran back to the middle of the circle where I put my mask back on. This I repeated 5 times, before I cut the elastics near the ring so it fell to the ground.

Then I started looking over my shoulder onto my back, frantically, staring at people, running around, demanding to know what they could see.

Eventually I calmed down, and started pulling lots of long, some broken, wooden sticks out from my clothes.

I then got the audience to “hold hands” with the help of my small metal rings between them, entering this circle myself. We ended the performance by lifting hands together and giving a victory roar.