we are you and you are us

we are you and you are us, photo credit: elkin

Performance for Friction International performance art festival, Uppsala Art Museum, Uppsala, 2012

Curator: SU-EN

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photo credit: Elkin

Materials: costume, broken mirror, stone bird statuette, marbles, metal rings, scissors, chair, space

Performance duration: 15 min

Supported by Nordic Culture Point and Bergen City Council


The performance took place in the room of the study collection of paintings within the museum.

When the audience entered the room, I was lying across a chair in the middle of the space, my leg slightly shivering from time to time, due to the uncomfortable position. The feet of my stockings were filled with marbles, and I was wearing one glove with a broken mirror attached to the palm of my hand.

After about 5 min the leg started twitching slightly more violently, before my hand pulled my head out of the costume by the hair, and I stood up. In my mouth I had a little stone bird statuette with two birds, and a large marble. I walked around the space in a square, stamping my feet, marbles rattling.

I took off a gold chain necklace from around my neck, and started swirling it in the air, while moving along the audience, showing them one by one the broken mirror in my hand.

I dropped the bird stone statuette on the floor so it broke. I got on to the carpet, in a  frog like posture, balancing until tipping over onto my head. I repeated across the carpet, until I reached a little egg cup on the floor, where I dropped the large marble still left in my mouth.

I retreated into my costume and started cutting it open lengthwise with scissors, starting between my legs.

When I had reached and cut the neckline, I started jumping wildly up and down, arms and legs moving in and out, marbles flying everywhere, along with gold rings that had been hidden inside the costume. I then hurriedly grabbed my own hair and pulled out of the room.