Protect, protect, protect us from ourselves, we know what we are doing

THIS IS PERFORMANCE ART (TIPA), New Territories, Ramshorn, Glasgow 2011

Performance commissioned by Black Market International, as part of their invited guest’s program during TIPA at New Territories.

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Photos by Jürgen Fritz

I started by marking the space in four directions with wooden sticks, shaking them while walking around. I then entered the cabinet from behind – which was placed a bit back, in the middle of the space. Inside, invisible to the audience, I attached my feet in ski boots in bindings screwed into the floor. I appeared through the top opening of the cabinet, took my ‘megaphone’ and shouted alternately ‘forward, backwards, left, right’, leaning forwards or backwards accordingly, or turning sideways. The bends became more and more dramatic, seemingly defying gravity. After some time I retreated back into the cabinet. Then I reappeared from the back of the cabinet, in a blue furry textile bundle, shuffling forwards while ringing a bike bell. When in the middle of the room, I crawled out of the bundle, and ended by repeating the motion from the start of the performance, collecting the sticks I had previously laid out.

Performance duration: 20 mins

Materials: altered cabinet, ski boots and bindings, textile, wooden sticks, elastics, bike bell, cardboard