mirror, mirror

Performance for Build a room, Stills, 2007

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A figure entered the gallery from the street. She brought luggage based on cultural privileges and heritage into the space, turning them into movements and actions, in dialogue with the space and the people present. She contrasted attempts of communication with manifestations of her inwardly world, a jumble of signs, images, emotions and open ended questions, who are we here, now, together? Questioning our common references, our shared languages, our insider understanding – addressing you, would you be able to respond?

The audience were invited to share this experience, to bring something in, to take something out, to decipher what they saw – which like reality here and now, there and then, would be raw, irrational and unpredictable.

Performance duration: 15 mins

Materials:  costume, sand, pearls, body paint, fox fur, cheese, chair, audience


Build a room Free
TUESDAY 17 JULY 7.30pm
Stills becomes a site for investigation and interventions as current artists in residence 
Catherine Street, Agnes Nedregard and Aileen Campbell present an evening focused on performance. 
Follow these artists through the space and experience their site specific acts and reactive new live work. 
Compere for the evening - Lorraine Wilson.
Aileen Campbell with Neil Davidson Shutter, Towards the Well
Agnes Nedregard Mirror, Mirror
Catherine Street I’d Make a deal with God and get him to swap our places, Ink3