closer to me

performance for ‘Lab group showcase’, Centre for Contemporary Art, Glasgow, 2007


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Documenting a performative work in drawing as well as photographs, pinpoints a focus on tactility, intimacy and human presence, as well as its antidotes distance and absence. In the actual performance, this was further addressed by challenging audiences to become aware of their own presence and proximity to the work – they were asked to keep hold of a decorated spoon of water throughout the duration of the unfolding scenario. The space between the intimate object and a projection of the work ‘growling infinity’ (see other works) created a room where the performative action unfolded – imagery and actions attempting to lure the possible out of the impossible, while materialising the arbitrary need to drag our obstacles around with us, to feel safe, to keep ourselves in place. While the present performer asked her friends and helpers absurdity, play and improvisation for support, she urged the audience to follow, to let her images speak their twisted reason and melt in with theirs, to submerse themselves, like the absent performer, in the search for true intimacy.


Lab Group was a feedback group for young professional performance artists in Glasgow, based at the CCA.


Performance duration: 15 mins


Materials: costume, jelly, bucket, shirt, spoons, photos, video, audience