Performance for 10th Anniversary OPEN festival of Performance Art, Open Realization Contemporary Art Center, 798 Art Zone,  Beijing, 2009

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I came into the space with my costume in a bag. I filled the costume with stones from a hole in the floor of the space while humming a Norwegian folk song to myself, then put the costume on. I knelt and knocked my head, dressed in a helmet, repeatedly in the floor, then offered the audience, who were placed in a circle around me, my hands, wearing gloves with long sharp needles sticking out from the fingers. I got up and walked around slowly, caressing myself carefully. I then offered audience members a hug, trying not to hurt them with the sharp needles. In the end I gave a Chinese girl in the audience my helmet, so I could hug her properly without hurting her. I then changed into my normal clothes and walked out.

Duration performance: 15 min

Materials: costume, site, audience

Curator: Milan Kohut

Festival organiser: Chen Jin