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Duration: 5 days

Max 15 students – art students or professionals

Workshop to be taught in English

The transforming of found and self-made objects to be utilised in a live performance.

Merging of performance art and making

Students will bring in found objects and materials of their own choice to be transformed using various techniques and tools.

Introduction of painterly skills in relation to object making

  • application of paint and other substances
  • close up versus distance- from the closest point of visual focus to the furthest point of visual recognition
  • transformation of surface and object
  • using paint and other substances in their expansive range of possibilities

Personal choices

  • reacting to what you have made
  • why did you choose the object
  • intention of transformation
  • making the reconfigured object your own

Depending on the experience of participants, introduction of performative methods

  • performance as a visual art form
  • personal body vocabulary
  • intention of action
  • presence and integrity within the space and situation of the performance
  • encountering an audience
  • action as transformation of situation, of content, of object
  • control, rehearsal and planning versus the unpredictability of the live moment

Turning functionality and context around

Installations compiled of reconfigured objects will be utilised in live action, while actions prompt the transformation of objects.

Final presentation and assessment of results

How successful was the merging of making and performance?

How did each transformed object work independently and in the context of performance and installation?

How did all of the elements come together as a an integrated unit?



For more info, contact: agnes.nedregard (at) and morayhillary (at)