private world

Nedregard & Hillary

Solo exhibition-in-residence and performances at  Collin’s gallery, Glasgow, 2010.

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We were 6 weeks in residence at the gallery, using the gallery as a studio for developing work while the exhibition was open to the public. We presented the results as they progressed at three private views throughout, including live performances, which contributed to the transformation of the exhibited objects and the development of the show. We also presented our working process and provided workshops for student groups and others.


Exhibition consisted amongst other things of of paintings on canvas, vinyl and other materials,  and made and found objects transformed using various techniques.


Performance at opening:

Even out the pressure

– video documentation from and first performed at 7a*11d, Toronto 2010 –


Performance midway:

Cant get through

duration performance: 20 mins

materials: dress, stockings, boots, wood cubes, wood boards, hinges, modified chair, wooden whistle, rope, elastics, paper


Performance at end:


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duration performance: 20 min

materials: costume, whistle, wood sticks, wood board, plastic, branches, ivy, installation



Private World flyer

Private World flyer