CV/ bio

Nedregard & Hillary



May – June 2014: artist residency, PointB, Brooklyn, NYC

SOLO EXHIBITIONS/ live performances
2013  'Dynamorphic', exhibition/ performance at Mobius, Boston
2013 'Battle 14, Moray Hillary vs. Agnes Nedregard', Pink Cube Gallery, Oslo
2012 'I thought we were the same person', NoOSPHERE Arts, NYC, with Torgrim Wahl Sund
2012 'Faza Lustra', exhibition/ performance with Marcin Kowalik, U.Jagiellonski, Krakow
2011 'Entrances', Exhibition/ performances, Acme Project Space, London|
2010 'Private World' exhibition/live performances, Collins Gallery, Glasgow
2010 'Backsliding Feralessly' and 'Total Eclipse of the Sun', Hoherweg Studios, Dusseldorf
2009 'Licking Wounds', The White House, Glasgow
2008 'Quarantine', Atelier Am Eck, Dusseldorf

GROUP EXHIBITIONS/ live performances
2013 'Wuthering Heights II', NBF/Billedhoggerhagen, Oslo
2013 'The Museum of Impossible, Unrealised and Unrealisable Art Projects',
”Nordic Art Between Miracles”, Center of Contemporary Art, Tbilisi, Georgia 
2009 'Error Art', Beznadziejna gallery, Warsaw
2008 'Icebreaker festival', Lilandgården, Kabelvåg, Lofoten
2006 'The House of a Thousand Pleasures', Østre Skostredet, Bergen
2006 ‘Body Navigation’, Elagin State Museum, St. Petersburg
2005 'Generating Form', Rutherglen Town Hall, Rutherglen, Glasgow

2013 Lyrica (espacio), Mexico city, Mexico
2010 Collins Gallery, Glasgow
2010 Hoherweg Studios, Dusseldorf
2010 Residency Acme studios, London
2008 Kulturamt der Landeshaupstadt, Dusseldorf

2013 artist presentation at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Moray Hillary (Scotland) trained in painting and received an MFA from the Art Institute of Chicago in 1992.
His work has developed from large scale paintings of skin surfaces with naturalistic depictions
of wounds and tatoos, into exceedingly three-dimensional objects and spatial interactions,
while staying true to painting as his primary medium.

Agnes Nedregard (Norway) received her MFA degree from Glasgow School of Art in 2005, and has developed
a practice based on bodily perceptions and expressions, mostly finding its form as live performances.
She embellishes her actions and images with self-made objects and costumes.

Hillary and Nedregard have worked together since 2005, looking for ways to join their respective ideas
and mediums into a new and independent form. Recent projects include a solo exhibition at Acme Project Space in 2011,
and, in 2010, a 6 week solo exhibition – in – residence at Collin's gallery, Glasgow. They have undertaken residencies
together with Acme in London in 2010, and in Dusseldorf in 2008 and 2010.