your body as art – body in space


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5 – 20 participants, adults (can be tailored to level of experience, no experience necessary)

Duration: from 3 hours to 14 days, depending on interest

Participants will have to accept personal responsibility in attending workshop.

The workshop will use as its starting point the participants’ own experiences and personal physical vocabulary. This will be explored as an entrance into the practice of performance art through excersises utilising physical play to interact with various specific physical surroundings (eg. an auditorium, public space, a park area) – space improvisation.

Core content of workshop, Body in Space:

– introduction, incl. risk assessment

– spesifically developed warm up exercises, introduction to personal body vocabulary

– space improvisation 1 (ideally indoor? enclosed venue)

– space improvisation 2 (change of venue, ideally outdoor/ public)

Discussion, introduction to next excercise

– group excercises: 2 – 5 participants per group, each group develops a collaborative performance based on material from space improvisation

– showing for the group, discussions

Alternative additional content of workshop

Body, space and mind – working with objects

Participants will be asked to bring an object of personal siginficance to the workshop.

Bringing personal stories and investment to the work – various excercises utilising the objects in relation to space and the body. Discussions on the divide of art/ life, personal/ emotive content, attachment/ release.

Space awareness

Sensory/ perception exercises as material for making short solo/group performances to be shown for the group.

According to the interest and/or experience of participants, tasks might be introduced such as performative feedback excersises, work development processes, potential showcase of work developed during workshop to be shown for an external audience.

(Showcase will take the form of simultaneous showing of performative elements by smaller grups or individual participants, which decreases the pressure on participants and preparation time).

Workshop can be taught in English or Norwegian.

nordland kunst og filmfagskole