Autumn 2015: book launches Bergen, London, Paris – Agnes Nedregard, Performance Works:The Big Toe  – book documenting my artistic practice 2005 – 2015. Texts by Amelia Jones, Olivier Lussac, Bob Dickinson, Tommy Olsson and Branko Boero Imwinkelried. Editor: Branko Boero Imwinkelried.

Bergen: 23rd of September, 2015: Bergen Kunsthall. Supported by Bergen City Council.

London: 13th of November, 2015: Swedenborg Society – co-organised by NABROAD

Paris: Early 2016: Palais de Tokyo. Supported by The Royal Norwegian Embassy, Paris.

EDUCATION (selected)
2003 – 2005, Master of Fine Art, Glasgow School of Art
2005 Exchange, Maumaus— Escola de Artes Visuais, Lisbon
2000 - 03 BA, Textile art, Specialized Art Department, Kunsthøyskolen i Bergen
1999 Art history ’grunnfag’, University of Bergen 
2015 Alt Går Bra: Victor Charlie, Visningsrommet USF, Bergen. Hosted by Performance Art Bergen.
2014 'Carried by the soles of your feet', Open Field/ Campo AbiertO - Laboratorio de acciones 11xSiento, Peras de Olmo - Ars Continua, 
Buenos Aires. Presented by Dimanche Rouge, PAB and PAO
2014 'Untitled', Aún Sin Título Performance Series,DocumentA/Escenicas, Cordoba, presented by Dimanche Rouge, PAB and PAO
2014 'Happy Together', Espacio Utaki, Buenos Aires, presented by Dimanche Rouge, PAB and PAO
2013 'Dynamorphic', Mobius, Boston (as Nedregard & Hillary)
2013 'Battle 14: Agnes Nedregard vs. Moray Hillary', Pink Cube, Oslo  
2012 'I thought we were the same person', Nedregard & Hillary with Torgrim Wahl Sund, NoOSPHERE Arts, NYC
2012 'Faza Lustra', Nedregard & Hillary with Marcin Kowalik, U.Jagiellonski, Krakow
2012 'Carrying a Man', with Raquel Nicoletti (Suspended), FMALE route, Sierra Art Center, Santa Ana le Real, Huelva 
2011 'Entrances', Acme Project Space, London - exhibition/live performances, Nedregard & Hillary
2010 'Private World', Collins Gallery, Glasgow, Nedregard & Hillary
2010 'Total Eclipse of the Sun', Hoherweg Studios, Dusseldorf, Nedregard &Hillary 
2010 'Pilgimage of the Fool', Lincoln Art Programme, public space/ Lincoln Cathedral
2009 'Licking Wounds', The White House, Glasgow, Nedregard &Hillary 
2009 'Mutual understanding', performance for Platform, Kulturskafferiet, Vaasa
2009 'Imploding', solo exhibition/ performance, Stills, Edinburgh 
2008 'In Quarantine', Atelier am Eck, Dusseldorf, Nedregard & Hillary 
2008 'Ich bin der wohlbekannte Sänger, der vielgereiste Rattenfänger', KoCa, Weimar
2008 'Glass Vision', performance, Host event, Market Gallery, Glasgow
2008 'Closer to the touch', performance, EmergeD at Brunnenstrasse 185, Berlin
2005 Solo performance, Tou Scene, Stavanger 
2014 Learning to See in the Dark, Visual Poetry in Performance Art, PAO Festival 2014, Atelier Nord ANX, Oslo
2014 duo (with Opie Boero Imwinkelried) and group performance with Dimanche Rouge Performance Collective, 
Dimanche Rouge  programme at FRASQ, Le Generateur, Paris
2014 Balancing Act and Carrying a Man, La Muga Caula, Les Euscales, Spain
2014 Solo and group performance with Dimanche Rouge Performance Collective, Kasko, Basel
2014 Vertigo of the Mind - Bergen, Bergen 2nd International performance art festival, PAB, The Old Prison, Bergen
2014 Vertigo of the Mind - Helsinki, the third Là-bas→ Biennale at Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma, Helsinki 
2014 Vertigo of the Mind at Le Générateur, Dimanche Rouge, Paris
2013 Vertigo of the mind, Meeting Point: Veiled Collapse and Expansion, Grace Exhibition Space, Brooklyn, NYC
2013 Vertigo of the mind, Turbine Giswil, International Performance Art Festival, Luzern/ Switzerland
2013 Vertigo, PAB Open, Gamle Bergen Kretsfengsel, Bergen
2013 Syklus,  Festspillene i Nord-Norge, Harstad - with Benedicte Clementsen and Terese Longva
2013 La désinvolture de nos gangsters, Les Salaisons, Romainville/ Paris
2013 performance at launch of Performance Art Oslo, Atelier Nord ANX, Oslo
2013 'That moment', "Wireless", Buskerud Kuntnersenter, Drammen
2012 'Such a Different Life', FEM International Meeting of women performance and live art artist, Girona
2012 'Her/Virkelig?' (Here/Really?), Performance Art Bergen at Sogn og Fjordane Kunstmuseum, Førde
2012 'We are you and you are us', Friction International performance art festival, Uppsala Art Museum, Uppsala 
2012 'Faza Lustra', Jaggelionian University, Krakow, with Moray Hillary and Marcin Kowalik 
2012 'You, me and the other - the other', Beautiful Lies, University Library Garden / gallery xx1, Warsaw 
2012 'You, me and the other – ME, PALS (Performance Art Links), Fylkingen, Stockholm   
2011 'You, me and the other – YOU', Acción!MAD, Off Limits, Madrid
2011 'Welcome to my world', remote soundperformance for Exist-ence: performance art, Brisbane
2011 'Weighing me down', Cabaret, Armazem 13, Lisboa
2011 'Greenhorn Greetings', Northern Stars: White, .NO gallery, New York City
2011 'Protect, protect, protect us from ourselves.', Ramshorn, TIPA/New Territories, Glasgow 
2010 'Even out the pressure' 7a*11d International Festival of Performance Art, FADO, Toronto
2010 'Bordet fanger', Ytter. for Vestlandsutstillingen 2010, Entree, Bergen 
2009 'Rolling Along', Live Action New York, Scandinavian House/Grace Exhibition Space, NYC
2009 'Burning White', Visibility Project 5, GalataPerform, Istanbul, with Raquel Nicoletti
2009 'Caress', 10th OPEN festival, Open Realization Contemporary Art Center, Beijing 
2009 Performance with Raquel Nicoletti, Storåsfestivalen 2009, Trøndelag 
2009 'Whiteout', Art Contact, Helsinki 
2009 'Unsteady', 'Livetaide', Gallery 3h+k, Pori 
2008 'In It's Wake', Elevator Gallery, Hackney Wick, London
2008 Between sky and sea II, performance festival, Herdla / Bergen, with Raquel Nicoletti
2008 'Gold Walk', Icebreaker festival, Kabelvåg
2008 'Overwhelmed, submerged', Stamsund International Theatre Festival, Stamsund
2007 ‘Build a room’, Stills gallery, Edinburgh
2006 ‘Body Navigation’, Elagin State Museum, St. Petersburg
2006 ‘The house of a thousand pleasures’, Østre Skostredet, Bergen
 SELECTED FIRE BIRDS PERFORMANCES Fire Birds 2004 /05, with Molly Haslund (DK) and Anthony Schrag (CA)
2005 ‘Mellom Himmel og Hav’, Lynghøysenteret, Lygra
2005 ‘Body Parts’, Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh 
2004 ’The Magic of Real Life in Real Situations’, Centre of Contemporary Art, Glasgow
 2013 Lyrica (espacio), Mexico City 
 2010 Hoherweg Studios, Dusseldorf
 2010 Residency Acme studios, London
 2007 Artist in Residence, Stills Galleri, Edinburgh 
2015 2015 ´The Situation Room´, Eagle Rock, Los Angeles
2014 La Muga Caula exhibition, Lola Ventos Gallery, Figueras
2014 "My Arms My Actions", Bergen 2nd International Performance Art Festival, PAB, The Old Prison, Bergen
2014 Focus on Norway, Dimanche Rouge at  Plateforme Gallery, Paris
2013 Wuthering Heights II, NBF/ Billedhoggerhagen, Oslo (as Nedregard & Hillary) 
2013 'The lying on the floor, abandoned to lie', Künstlervereinigung MAERZ, Linz
2013 The Museum of Impossible, Unrealised and Unrealisable Art Projects, ”Nordic Art Between Miracles”, 
         Center of Contemporary Art, Tbilisi, Georgia (as Nedregard & Hillary)
2012 Screening of performance Art in the Natural Environment (SPANE), Artscape Gibraltar Point, Toronto Islands
2012 Aurora Pictures, Houston 2010 IN:ACT, Hanoi, Vietnam 
2010 Urban Reality, Rural Fantasy, Pure Art, art in public space, Warsaw (incl. live performance)
2010 OXY Freewaves, Occidental College, Los Angeles 
2008/10 'exist-ence', White Canvas Gallery, and Radar Forum, Brisbane Festival, Brisbane
2009 'Civic statues unfrozen for one hour', 1830, LA, and Moscow Film Festival
2009 'Error Art', Beznadziejna gallery, Warsaw 
2006/09 'Vestlandsutstillingen', annual group exhibition touring Western Norway
2009 'Xtend III', South Hill Park Arts Centre, Bracknell
2009 'Characters', Saison Video, Atelier 13, Valenciennes
2008 ‘Insanity, Victims, and Childhood, in Short’, Gallery Aferro at Red Saw gallery, Newark
2007 ‘Tulca Live’, Galway
2007 ‘Moving image’, Dick Institute, Kilmarnock, Glasgow 
2007 ‘FR8, Art on the Waterfront’, San Pedro, Los Angeles
2007 ‘Project Creo: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly’, The Arts Center, St Petersburg, Florida 
2007 ‘Elevator’, National Review of Live Art, Tramway, Glasgow
2006 ‘Too Much Freedom?’, LA Freewaves, Hammer Museum of Art, Los Angeles 
2006 ‘Art Tech Media’, various venues, Spain incl. BilbaoArte, Bilbao, and CCCB,Barcelona
2005 'Luftslott', Hordaland Kunstnersenter, Bergen 
2005 ‘TERMINAL- In Fraction’, K7 Hangar, Oeiras, Lisbon
2014 Ingrid Lindback Langaard Grant, Oslo
2014 Bergen City Council Cultural Grant, Bergen
2008/09/10/12/14 Professional working and project grants, Billedkunstnernes Vederlagsfond, Oslo
2008 Visual artist grant, Scottish Arts Council
2007 Bergen City Council Establishing Grant, Bergen
2007/10 Visual arts grant, Glasgow City Council, Glasgow
2005 Ingrid Lindback Langaards grant, Oslo
2014 performance art workshop for PAO, Atelier Nord ANX, Oslo
2014 performance art workshop at Espacio Utaki, Buenos Aires, presented by Dimanche Rouge, PAB and PAO
2014 performance art workshop, Immaturus, Bergen
2012 performance art workshop at FEM International meeting of women performance and live art artists, Girona
2012 performance art workshop at PALS, Fylkingen, Stockholm
2012 performance art workshop at Kunstskolen i Rogaland, Stavanger 
2012/13 performance art workshop at Einar Granum Kunstfagskole, Oslo 
2011 Visiting tutor, Maumaus - Escola de Artes Visuais, Lisboa 
2011 Performance workshop for Dundee live, Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design, Dundee
2010 performance art workshop for FADO, Toronto Free Gallery, Toronto
2006/2010 Performance workshop, Bergen National Academy of the Arts, Bergen
2009 Workshop/ presentation, MA Live Art and Performance, Theatre Academy of Helsinki 
2008 Performance workshop, Bauhaus-Universität, Weimar
2006/07/08/09/10/11/12/13/14/15 Performance workshop and artist’s talk, Kunstskolen i Bergen
2007/08/09/10/11/12/13/14 Performance workshop and artist’s talk, Nordland Kunst og filmskole, Kabelvåg
2007/08 Performance workshop and tutorials, Bergen School of Architecture
2007 Artist’s talk, Bergen National Academy of the Arts
2006 Masterclass, ‘Body navigation’, Elagin State Museum, St Petersburg 
2015 The International Difference, Stiftelsen 3,14, Bergen
2015 Emergency Index 2014, An Annual Document of Performance Practice, Ugly Duckling Press, New York City
2014 presentation with Dimanche Rouge at conference Les mondes possibles de la scène contemporaine, Théâtre de la Commune Aubervilliers, Paris
2014 presentation, Dimanche Rouge Round Table at Salon de FRASQ, Le Generateur, Paris
2014 presentation with Dimanche Rouge at Theatre, Theory and Performance Conference, La Sorbonne, Paris
2014 How We Teach Performance Art: University Courses and Workshop Syllabus, ed: Valentin Torrens, Barcelona
2014 Emergency Index 2013, An Annual Document of Performance Practice, Ugly Duckling Press, New York City
2014 presentation of artistic practice and organisational work at event Café Mandrágora, Peras de Olmo - Ars Continua, Buenos Aires. PAB and Dimanche Rouge.
2014 round table, PAB and Dimanche Rouge at Plateforme Gallery, Paris 
2014 presentation with PAB and Dimanche Rouge at University of Paris 8, Paris 
2014 artist presentation with PAB and Dimanche Rouge at Maison de Norvège, Paris 
2014 artist presentation for Troon Art Club 
2013 artist presentation at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston 
2013 panel discussion, Contemporary performance art in NYC, Governor's Island Art Fair, New York 
2011 Report from OUTING: Arts Residencies outside urban centres, SSW, Lumsden, 
2010 Lecture at Nordic Conference, ANTI Festival, Kuopio, Finland  
2010 Lecture at "Unfathomable", MA seminar, Bergen National Academy of the Arts, Landmark 
2010 “Why unpredictability is important”, and NABROAD MAG 
2009 Lecture Nordic Performance Art conference, Supermarket, Stockholm 
2008 Lecture Nordic Performance Art conference, Live Action Gøteborg, Gøteborg
2015 ´The Last Laugh´, Bob Dickinson, Art Monthly, UK
2014 Review of work for Peras De Olmo - Ars Continua, Calixto Saucedo, Aises
2014 Review of Carried by the Soles of Your Feet,  Jenny Toro Salas, Seminario Abierto sobre Performance
2014  "Aún sin título": el espectador tiene el poder, Verónica Molas, VOS
2014  ABSEILING: review of FACING LIMBO, Opie Boero Imwinkelried, Dimanche Rouge Magazine,  
2014 Review of “Focus on Norway- Dimanche Rouge at Le Générateur”, Smaranda Olcèse,Inferno Magazine 
2011 “Nedregard and Hillary: Entrances“, Season Butler, Artist Newsletter July/August: 
2011 “Hillary/Nedregard at Acme”, Will Kherbek ,The Playground: 
2010 blog of 7a*11d 2010: 
2010 Feature in NABROAD MAG 1: 
2009 “Agnes Nedregard, Stills Gallery”, Neil Cooper, MAP Magazine, Issue 18 
2006 Billedkunst,   

2015 co-organiser, SEMINAR EPHEMERAL ARTS, DOCUMENTATION AND COPYRIGHTS, Visningsrommet USF, Bergen: Organised by Dimanche Rouge in collaboration with Performance Art Bergen and Visp.
2014 Participant with Dimanche Rouge at conference Les mondes possibles de la scène contemporaine, Théâtre de la Commune Aubervilliers, Paris
2014 co-organiser and participant, Dimanche Rouge Round Table at Salon de FRASQ, Le Generateur, Paris
2014 Dimanche Rouge workshop at Theater, Performance, Philosophy Conference 2014, University of Paris-Sorbonne
2014 Interview in Dimanche Rouge Magazine 
2013 Interview  Contemporary Performance Network 
2012 Artist of the month, autumn 2012, Visp, Bergen 
2012 Launch of Never? Now? Performance Art! publication (printed and online) 
2012 Never or Now is the WINNER of the Bergen Prize for best art event in 2
011, by Natt & Dag. Nominated by Ytter and Vagant. 
2012 guest editor Måg magazine issue 7, published by NABROAD 
2011 ENTRANCES, Nedregard & Hillary, online katalog by NABROAD: 
2011 Initiator and curator, Never or Now, international performance art festival, Bergen Kjøtt 
2010 7a*11d Performance Art Daily, panel discussion 
2010 - NABROAD Advisory Board, Norwegian Artists Abroad  
2008 - 2011 Editor (prev., for Nordic performance art 
2007 Artist of the month, Scottish Arts Council